August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
August 16, 2018

From August 16 to 23, the Extrême frontière space will bring downtown Moncton to life during the Congrès mondial acadien with various performances, booths, and pavilions. Inspired by poets, creators, and the builders of Acadia, the Extrême frontière space will showcase more than 50 artists and musicians from here and elsewhere. Festival Acadie Rock, a partner of the CMA 2019, will feature prominently in this festive public space.

“Naming the space Extrême frontière is a nod to Gerald LeBlanc, in part because this is the name of one of his collections, but also because it reflects Gerard LeBlanc himself: this space will have no borders,” said Joseph Edgar, artistic director of the Extrême frontière space. “We want to show that Acadie is now an important part of the world Francophonie.”

The Extrême frontière space will run from Main Street, across from City Hall, down to Riverfront Park along Downing Street, which will be open to pedestrians only for the occasion. The concept is based mostly on large outdoor urban festivals featuring big stages, cultural pavilions, street artists, and food trucks. The space will be very lively, making passersby want to come back the next day!


Arts and Culture

Festivals are plentiful in Moncton! For an out of the ordinary festival experience, take in the Festival INSPIRE. It promotes art and culture in public spaces, featuring artists from Moncton and elsewhere. Guest artists transform the cityscape to showcase the city’s various buildings or breathe new life into forgotten spaces. There are already about thirty murals that embellish the city thanks to Festival INSPIRE. The festival’s programming also includes live art, interactive installations, street performances, circus and music.

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Whether you are a musician, visual artist, dancer, writer, music-lover or simply an arts and culture fanatic, Moncton’s Festival Acadie Rock experience is one you will not want to miss. As part of the Fête nationale de l’Acadie, Acadie Rock is one of Southeastern New Brunswick’s most significant Francophone cultural events. For Acadie, it’s a tribute to its artists, a testimony to its modernity and a window on the international Francophonie. Attend one of the many music shows, including the free August 15 super show at Riverfront Park, a poetry or comedy night or the grand tintamarre right in the heart of downtown Moncton!

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Outdoors and Leisure

If you are looking for an intriguing activity for everyone in the family, Magnetic Hill is the spot for you. Magnetic Hill gets its name from the extraordinary scientific phenomenon that occurs with your vehicle. The magnetism of the hill makes your car go uphill without having to step on the accelerator – you have to see it to believe it! You can also visit the Magnetic Hill Zoo or spend a sunny afternoon at Magic Mountain, a water park for the whole family to enjoy! Finally, the famous Magnetic Hill Winery is an option bound to delight wine enthusiasts.

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Centennial Park is where you have to go for a day of outdoor fun. There’s the SuperSplash water park for kids, tennis courts, a large playground, picnic tables, a canteen, a mountain bike trail and walking trails. There is also the TreeGo family attraction that provides five course levels (including one for kids) allowing you to go from tree to tree. Located in the forest, this attraction also contributes to the preservation of the park’s natural integrity.

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Heritage and History

Resurgo Place is Moncton’s best historical family destination! Whether at the Moncton Museum or the Transportation Discovery Centre, the whole family can learn. Discover more about Moncton’s history, particularly the important role that the transportation industry played in the city’s development. Admire objects and photography from the heritage collection at Resurgo Place. You can also conduct genealogical research in the archives on site. Kids can enjoy the interactive stations and will have fun creating innovative, fast and safe vehicles!

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The Acadian Museum is located in the Clément-Cormier building on the Université de Moncton campus. Visit the chronological or the theme-based section of the museum, depending on your interests. The Acadian Museum provides a contemporary spin on the history of Acadie with its permanent and temporary exhibits, guided tours and screenings of historical films and documentaries. With over 42,000 objects and photographs, the Museum will certainly teach you something new about our rich history!

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