August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick

guy leger2xGuy Léger is well known in Southeastern New Brunswick’s economic and community development sectors. He is currently the Director of Business Development for Expansion Dieppe. As a proud and involved Acadian, Guy has participated in nearly all past Congrès mondials. In fact, he was part of the Kent County organizing committee during the first event in 1994.

Guy believes the Congrès mondial will allow the creation of new and strengthened relationships between the communities in Southeastern New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

“From the very beginning of this adventure, organizing the Congrès mondial, we saw a change in the relationship between our two regions. The different stakeholders know that this event will be important for Acadian culture, and that it will embrace collaboration between all communities.”

Guy hopes that the event will act as a catalyst for Acadian pride across the entire host region.