August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
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June 26, 2019, Moncton, N.-B. – In partnership with the sixth Congrès mondial acadien, the Association francophone des aînés du Nouveau-Brunswick (AFANB) and the Association des universités du troisième âge du Nouveau-Brunswick invite people of all ages to attend the intergenerational day to be held on Friday, August 16.

Morning activities will take place at the Moncton university campus and afternoon activities on the campus of Collège communautaire de Dieppe. At the Moncton campus, they will start with breakfast at the student centre  at 8:30 a.m. and end with lunch at the same location. In the afternoon, activities will take place from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the campus of the Collège communautaire de Dieppe.

The day’s schedule: in the morning, young and older people will have the opportunity to share their skills in a cooking competition, or exchange views on virtual reality, Native art, in a world café (group discussions) or compete in a sporting event. Participants of the youth event, Paré pour, will join in for this activity.

After lunch, participants will make their way to the Collège communautaire de Dieppe for three consecutive workshops entitled: (1) L’évolution de la langue française en Acadie au cours des cinquante dernières années, (2) La Coopérative LA BARQUE de Pointe-Verte, un projet communautaire intergénérationnel innovateur, (3) Le vieillissement - les défis et les occasions à ne pas manquer.

The Executive Director of the AFANB, Luc J. Doucet, is pleased to partner with the AUTANB to hold this intergenerational event. “This is a major achievement for both of our organizations, demonstrating the energy and vitality of Acadians enjoying retirement.”

For his part, the President of AUTANB, Benoît Duguay, sees ”an exceptional and unique day in the image of the Congrès mondial acadien. An opportunity for two generations to get together and share experiences.”

Claudette Thériault, Chair of CMA 2019, is also enthused by the initiative: "I would like to thank the two groups responsible for the intergenerational day and congratulate them for joining the Paré Pour participants for a common event. The Congrès mondial acadien is an opportunity for gatherings and fraternity and this is a good example."
For details on the activities, or to register for this intergenerational day, before July 26, visit
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The 6th edition of the Congrès mondial acadien will take place from August 10 to August 24, 2019 in Prince Edward Island and Southeastern New Brunswick. The mission of the Congrès mondial acadien is to unite Acadians and all those interested in Acadian culture. For more information about the programming and event, visit 
The AFANB and AUTANB are two organizations that work, each with a specific mandate, for the development of seniors by reiterating that "ageing is irreversible, but its effects are not." The AFANB works to promote the rights and interests of seniors, while the AUTANB, with its eight components, works to develop resource centres for seniors.

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