August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
August 11 - 1:30pm
Musical Performance « le talent des villageois » in Wellington

August 14 - 4:30pm

Sur la scène extérieur pendant la cérémonie protocolaire à Miscouche

Adrienne Gallant was born in Mont Carmel, PEI in 1987. She studied at Evangeline School, Abram Village for 12 years. Adrienne has always been interested in music, theater and the arts. She has participated in several shows as an actress and singer, such as Le Grand Cercle, Port Lajoye in Louisiana, Dinner Theater at the Expo Festival, Closing Show at the 2017 Acadian Festival and many other shows during the last 15 years. She now lives in Summerside with her son, Xavier, who is 12 years old. During the past year, Adrienne and her father, Paul D Gallant, worked hard on the launch of an album "Ballades, A father and daughter project". Adrienne sings the ballads of her father, who has written them in the last 40 years.