August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
August 20 – 8 p.m.
Extrême frontière, hosted by Radio-Canada Acadie – Asurion stage
Riverfront Park Moncton – 186 Assomption Boulevard, Moncton, NB

Alaclair Ensemble, a Lower Canadian post-rigodon group, was formed in 2010 when Maybe Watson, Vlooper, KenLo Craqnuques, Claude Bégin, Robert Nelson, Eman and Mash met in an Allo-Stop rideshare. Splitting their time between “Quoibec” and “Mourial,” the group released its first opus, “4.99,” on June 23, 2010. The experts at VOIR were blown away: “Without question the best local hip-hop album in ages.” (VOIR rating: 4 stars) Since then, Alaclair Ensemble has won many prizes and distinctions, in addition to having released five albums and several mixtapes and EPs. This hip-hop/rap collective from Québec sure know how to give one heck of a show!