August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
August 16 to 23, 2019
Moncton, NB

From August 16 to 23, the Extrême frontière space will bring downtown Moncton to life during the Congrès mondial acadien with various performances, booths, and pavilions. Inspired by poets, creators, and the builders of Acadia, the Extrême frontière space will showcase more than 50 artists and musicians from here and elsewhere. Festival Acadie Rock, a partner of the CMA 2019, will feature prominently in this festive public space.

“Naming the space Extrême frontière is a nod to Gerald LeBlanc, in part because this is the name of one of his collections, but also because it reflects Gerard LeBlanc himself: this space will have no borders,” said Joseph Edgar, artistic director of the Extrême frontière space. “We want to show that Acadie is now an important part of the world Francophonie.”

The Extrême frontière space will run from Main Street, across from City Hall, down to Riverfront Park along Downing Street, which will be open to pedestrians only for the occasion. The concept is based mostly on large outdoor urban festivals featuring big stages, cultural pavilions, street artists, and food trucks. The space will be very lively, making passersby want to come back the next day!

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Extrême frontière Programming – Major Shows

August 16: Show du 25e (Ticketing $25)

August 17: Wayne Toups, Sweet Crude (Louisiana), Afrikana Soul Sister (Quebec), Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire (New Brunswick)

August 18: Maggie Savoie (New Brunswick), Menoncle Jason (New Brunswick), Émile Bilodeau (Quebec), Joey Robin Haché (New Brunswick)

August 19: Chloé Breault (New Brunswick), Vishtèn (Prince Edward Island), Marie-Jo Thério (New Brunswick), Yann Perreau (Quebec)

August 20: Les Païens (New Brunswick), Comté de Clare (Nova Scotia), Alaclair Ensemble (Quebec)

August 21: Cy (Nova Scotia), Caroline Savoie (New Brunswick), Patrice Michaud (Quebec)

August 22: Alexe (Quebec), Jacobus (Nova Scotia), Pierre Kwenders (Quebec), A Tribe Called Red (Ontario)

August 23: P'tit Belliveau (Nova Scotia), Édith Butler (New Brunswick), Hubert Lenoir (Quebec)

Note : The CMA 2019 Pin is required to access evenings shows.