August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
August 20, 2019

Saint-Antoine, nicknamed “la p’tite ville en campagne” (the small town in the countryside), is getting a varied program ready for the 11th day of the CMA 2019. People will be able to go on a guided tour of 12 local historical sites with interpreters from the historical society, take in a kitchen party with fiddle jams, and sample some traditional Acadian food. For history buffs, a film about the village’s history will also be presented.


Arts and Culture

Do you like garage sales? You are not the only one! Although it is quite common to see garage sales all over the place in Acadie during the summer, in Saint Antoine, people do things in a big way. Every year, in May, all the villagers get together and hold a super community garage sale. Thousands of people flock to the area, looking for the best bargains. The garage sale is so big, you’re given a map to find your way around!

Surrounded by forests and plains, Saint Antoine is the perfect place to celebrate the end of summer. The annual Fall Colours Festival enables residents and visitors to get together for a wide range of activities, including sports tournaments, races, a fiddle jam, a community luncheon, various dances, and much more! The highlight of the festivities: an antique car show and parade. The Fall Colours Festival is a unifying event that truly showcases the community spirit of this small village.

Outdoors and Leisure

Saint-Antoine has nearly 8 kilometres of wooded multipurpose trails. In the summer, they are used for walking, running, or biking. In the winter, they are not cleared of snow, so they are perfect for winter activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

There are also two community parks where people can walk, have a picnic, and let the children enjoy the slides and swings. For the athletic type, a ball field is open in the summer, and there is an outdoor skating rink in the winter.

Heritage and History

The residents of Saint-Antoine are passionate about Acadian heritage. There is a whole list of heritage sites to visit in the surrounding area: the Old Bouctouche Railroad Route, the Léger Bros. Mills Site, and the Church of Saint-Antoine the Hermit, to name just a few. Find the full list here and learn more about the history of this village called “la p’tite ville en campagne” [little town in the country].

Saint-Antoine is also the birthplace of an important Acadian figure: Louis J. Robichaud. A lawyer and politician, Louis J. Robichaud was the first Acadian to become premier of New Brunswick. At a time when there were great disparities between the province’s Francophone and Anglophone communities, he was able to bring about change with the Equal Opportunity Program. He was also a strong advocate for Acadian language rights, having seen during his term of office to the adoption of the first Official Languages Act of New Brunswick. During your stay in Saint Antoine, be sure to visit the Louis J. Robichaud Monument, erected in his memory in Gilbert-Léger Park.