August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
August 18, 2019

On August 18, 2019, the action will move to Rogersville and Beaubassin-est. Rogersville, known for its omnipresent Acadian pride and the caring nature of its residents, will organize a wide range of activities for the day, starting with a mass at the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption monument and an Acadian brunch. Children’s activities and craft booths will be on deck throughout the day. Known for its great bluegrass and country music festivals, Rogersville will live up to its reputation by capping off the day with musical performances featuring both local and guest musicians.

This day will also be celebrated in Beaubassin-est, a rural community made up of nine localities located on the Northumberland Strait. The community already has a full list of activities planned for August 18: the Grand Bazar-à-choix (artisanal fair), a community breakfast, an exhibit of hooked cushions and photos of “Du monde de par che nous”, and a jam with Les Jammers and Laurie LeBlanc, just to name a few!


Arts and Culture

You can’t say that festivals are in short supply in Rogersville! Every summer, the municipality hosts the popular Country Festival and Bluegrass Festival. Music lovers and musicians get together on the site, which also rents campsites for the duration of the festivals. You can expect mind-blowing performances and wild jams all weekend long!

If you’re smitten with farm life and rural Acadie, don’t miss the agricultural festival organized by the Ferme Terre Partagée. When held in the summer, it’s the Festival Folk Fraise, and when held in the fall, it’s the Festival Folk Racines! On the menu, a rural university that offers participants a wide range of educational workshops, from composting to wild mushroom picking and philosophy for children; musical performances at bonfires and square dances; and of course, lots of delicious fruits and vegetables to taste and share!

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Outdoors and Leisure

Rogersville is also the perfect place for plant and wildlife enthusiasts. If you’re in the area, visit the neighbouring community of Acadieville for the Little Big Bear Safari, where you’ll see black bears in their natural habitat, observe Richard, “the bear whisperer”, and feed these superb animals from a tower located 8 metres off the ground. A truly special experience that’s safe for both you and the bears! For more information:

When it comes to the outdoors, don’t miss Després Lake. Jump in the water for a swim off the wharf, or bike or hike along the trails around it. Closer to the village, stroll through Parc Mille Pas, where you can have a picnic, enjoy ice cream at the dairy bar, or shop in the small boutiques on Principale Street.

Heritage and History

Rogersville offers unique heritage experiences. The Notre-Dame de l’Assomption monument, where Mgr. Marcel-François Richard is buried, is a must see. An initiative of Mgr. Richard, the monument was completed in 1912. That same year, the very first pilgrimage to the monument took place, attracting more than 5,000 people. Still today, during the novena, thousands of pilgrims come from all over and gather at this national sanctuary. The monument is also a museum that people can visit.

Rogersville is the only place in the world where Trappist monks and Trappistine nuns still live. Today, the two Cistercian monasteries, founded in 1902 at the request of Mgr. Marcel François Richard, are still places of contemplation, prayer, and solitude. Manual work – mostly farming – is an important aspect of this monastic community, as is offering a warm welcome to passing guests. Our Lady of Calvary Abbey can accommodate twelve retreatants and the Notre Dame de l’Assomption Abbey can accommodate eight.

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