August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
Reporting to the person in charge of the health and safety team, volunteers will provide appropriate care and offer preventive advice. A first aid kit will be supplied, and an incident report will have to be completed after each intervention.


- Provide appropriate care in the event of injury or illness
- Offer preventive advice
- Follow the rules of hygiene when administering first aid
- Contact hospital services in the event of serious injury
- Communicate effectively with patients to inquire about pain or symptoms
and medical history
- Report daily on the care provided
- Make sure the first aid kits are always complete and accessible

Profile required

- Familiarity with the rules of hygiene
- Courtesy and respect
- CPR and first aid certification
- First aid experience
- Prior first aid training would be an asset.

To sign up, please click on the link below to complete the volunteer registration form, and select “First Aid” in section 03. Poste.

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